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A few weeks ago InfusionSoft hold their annual user conference, called ICON 14.  Back in 2008 we had a pleasure of being one of a speakers during (I believe) a second user conference, that had a integrate hundred folks in attendance.  But this year, somewhere between 2,500-3,000 tiny business owners trafficked to Phoenix to attend in a conference.

This isn’t a notation demeanour during a conference, yet some-more about what we consider it signifies. But we can check out a few of a improved recaps from a list below:

infusionsoft logoWhile a eventuality has grown in distance and range (and had good keynote speeches from a likes of Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Peter Shankman and a horde of InfusionSoft customers), one thing that hasn’t altered is a passion on arrangement by a tiny business attendees.  There was copiousness of passion from a hundreds of folks in 2008.  But usually suppose a same turn of passion per individual, double by 10X people in attendance. 

Interestingly enough, a series of folks attending ICON isn’t a usually thing that’s grown 10X given 2008.  The series of InfusionSoft employees has grown about that many as well, to over 5 hundred.  And they are each bit as ardent as their business attending a event.

This repeated thesis of tiny business, InfusionSoft and passion can also be found in a company’s soon-to-be expelled tiny business study, comprised of 850 tiny business owners – half of that are InfusionSoft customers.  One of a pivotal commentary entrance from a consult was 34% of InfusionSoft business pronounced a best thing about owning their business is “they adore their work and their customers”.  This compares to usually 15% of a non-InfusionSoft business who participated in a survey.


Passion for Small Business Continues to Drive InfusionSoft

When we initial became wakeful of InfusionSoft in late 2006, they were laser-focused on building a height to assistance tiny businesses automate their selling processes.  Not a clarification of tiny business used by vast program vendors who contend “up to 500 employees” or $50 million in income defines it.  But, businesses with fewer than 25 employees are where founders Clate Mask, Scott Martineau and a squad out there placed a interest in a belligerent in 2001.  And in 2014 – even as they’ve grown themselves approach past their possess clarification of what a tiny business is, that interest is still resolutely station in a place. 

Despite all a movement during a tip of a selling automation marketplace – and how tantalizing it contingency be to take a well-worn trail many vendors do in swimming upstream to get a bigger deals that come with midmarket/enterprise business – InfusionSoft’s joining to what they call “true” tiny businesses was validated during ICON 14.  In fact, Mask pulled a Clark Gable on theatre and pronounced he unequivocally doesn’t give a “darn” about a enterprise, and that InfusionSoft will always concentration on unequivocally tiny businesses – that gathering a assembly to give him a vast turn of applause.  And over a applause, it’s InfusionSoft’s continued loyalty to tiny businesses that has worried a passions of their village of business and driven a expansion of a constant patron base.

At their corporate headquarters, banners hang with a following numbers highlighted:

  • 2011 – 8,000 Customers
  • 2012 – 12,000 Customers
  • 2013 – 23,000 Customers

And here are a few other numbers to consider:

  • 31K programmed campaigns commissioned in 2013
  • 90K business cards scanned
  • 6K downloads of a recently expelled mobile app (as of 4/22/2014)
  • 93M contacts combined in a past year
  • Sent over 100M emails in a past week
  • 1.8M leads generated with GroSocial (social media selling height final year) in 2013

These numbers illustrate something that goes over passion. It shows that InfusionSoft has a good hoop on what unequivocally tiny businesses need from a selling automation platform.  The concentration isn’t a retrofit built from a complement meant for incomparable organizations; it’s built from a belligerent adult for a under-25 worker marketplace – privately attack a symbol with companies with 2-5 employees.  And while it’s still a powerful, formidable complement that calls for a good volume of believe to get a many from it, it is many easier to use currently than it was a integrate of years ago.  

It’s acquisitions of GroSocial and CustomerHub assistance tiny businesses with social media selling and membership management, respectively, and have also enabled InfusionSoft to yield loyal tiny businesses with an integrated height they can build their companies on. 

Why They Could Become a Small Business Champion

What creates InfusionSoft constrained is something that came out of a investigate they’ll be releasing shortly.  we can’t give out any numbers, yet let’s usually contend that a estimable commission of respondents are tiny by choice – unequivocally small.  And according to a survey, many of these micro-businesses are driven by owners who value personal leisure some-more than they value flourishing into a vast business. 

Even as InfusionSoft itself grows into a vast enterprise, their substructure has been set to concentration on this assembly of customers.  In fact 50% of their stream employees also run their possess tiny businesses, that helps to keep a association in hold with a elaborating needs of a loyal tiny businesses over time. Although they contend they’d like to assistance as many tiny businesses as they can, they satisfied that companies with reduction than $100K annual revenues are not within their aim assembly – a new distinction, yet an vicious one relocating forward. 

I consider we do have to be during a certain smallest turn in sequence to unequivocally advantage from regulating a use like InfusionSoft.  It’s not for each tiny business, and it’s intelligent for InfusionSoft to contend that – both on a low finish (under $100K) and on a tip (over 25 employees).   But that leaves them with a outrageous event to “own” a space with upwards of millions of businesses that have specific needs for sophisticated, programmed sales and selling processes, that are unequivocally opposite than a needs of incomparable organizations that many heading vendors concentration on. 

What it will Take to Be The Leader

While InfusionSoft has seen unequivocally considerable expansion in their patron bottom a final few years, it still has a ways to go to get to their idea of carrying 100,000 business by 2016.  And even that series is tiny compared to a millions of businesses out there in their aim audience.

According to InfusionSoft execs, they get a good apportionment of their new business from tiny businesses that have motionless to leave Salesforce.com for one reason or another, and from those businesses that confirm they need some-more than what particular indicate solutions (email marketing, selling carts, etc) offer. 

They’ll have to consistently attract bigger numbers of these kinds of folks to their height to strech their lofty goals.  They’ll also have to constantly stay focused on bringing down shake rates – something that is on arrangement all via their headquarters. 

Growing their partner/developer ecosystem to have an even some-more strong marketplace with copiousness of apps will also pull some-more prospects into a fold.  Revenue Conduit (winner of ICON 14’s app throwdown competiton), a partner that integrates online stores from Shopify, Magento and others with InfusionSoft is a primary instance of a kind of partners that will assistance expostulate patron merger and retention. 

InfusionSoft will also need to continue looking for opportunities to rise partnerships and low integrations with other buttress services from other vendors tiny businesses count on from a likes of Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Microsoft – and from services like Zendesk, Desk.com or Freshdesk.  This will concede them to stay entirely focused on core sales and selling functionality, while assisting their business some-more seamlessly work with other vicious apps vicious to them.

The association will also have to adult a ante in terms of educational content, suspicion care and best practices to constantly assistance business and prospects know how to get a many out of their InfusionSoft investment.  They are already doing a series of things in this area.  But as they pierce on some-more users and pierce towards their 100K patron goal, they will be in a singular position to know what a comparatively vast bottom of loyal tiny businesses are perplexing to accomplish by monitoring how they use a platform.  This will capacitate them to yield assistance in real-time and demeanour for ways to mislay attrition and make it easier for users to get things done.  It will also concede them to some-more accurately envision a needs of this organisation and fast bake it into a platform.  And it will assistance in delivering even some-more data-driven calm to assistance their user village boost their potency and efficacy in regulating a application. 

In a Silent Way

Besides giving me a reason to use a Miles Davis manuscript pretension for a section, InfusionSoft is unequivocally intruiging.  Even yet they’ve been around given 2001, they have managed to be kind of an alien in a CRM industry, yet also a personality when it comes to selling automation.  Maybe it’s due to a “CRM is Dead” debate from around 2009….sorry, Infusionites we had to pierce it up…

More expected it’s since they’re out in Arizona, and focused some-more on a unequivocally tiny business throng and their selling automation needs.  They haven’t finished a lot of attention events – that they need to start doing some-more of to assistance with their patron expansion efforts.   But, many importantly, they have stayed connected to a loyal tiny business.  And that is because they are in a unequivocally good position that during this time doesn’t have a good understanding of approach competition.  Their honeyed mark is good next a aim assembly of a vital players (Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce’s Pardot, etc.) and adult and comers (HubSpot, Act On) and a horde of others looking mid-market and up.  And they are a approach some-more extensive resolution than what a indicate solutions offer (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, AWeber, etc.). 

The flourishing sophistication of a microbusiness, and their need to hoop some-more complexity and aloft volumes of activity will means them to find some-more extensive platforms to hoop their sales and selling needs.  And this is because InfusionSoft sits in a singular position.  They have been building a complement for this organisation to use for a prolonged time.  They have a good volume of believe of what this organisation needs, and have built a substructure of their height around those needs.  Other vendors no doubt will try into a under-25 (and some-more granularly even a underneath five) worker space.  But those entrance from above will find it tough to make it work from a financial perspective.  These deals are notation compared to what they’re used to, that will keep many out of it.  Others vendors entrance from indicate resolution looking to pierce adult will find it formidable to supplement components like lead scoring, workflow, predictive analytics and other modernized areas. 

This all leads to InfusionSoft carrying a good event to take and say a heading position in automation for those tiny businesses who need a strong height to hoop formidable sales and marketing; those that are looking to scale their selling operations to a certain extent, but wanting to scale a series of people in their business outward of their comfort zone.

As prolonged as InfusionSoft stays ardent about and focused on a loyal tiny business, and acts on that passion by constantly building their height and ecosystem to offer them, they mount a good possibility of saying that passion returned in vast numbers.


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