The popular movie streaming service FMovies hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s already facing a hefty damages award for copyright infringement. Media company ABS-CBN has asked a Florida federal court for a default judgment of $210,000 against the site, for offering pirated streams of its movies.

Last year, media conglomerate ABS-CBN took the popular pirate streaming site FMovies to court in the United States.

FMovies is one of several streaming sites that has grown explosively over the past year. It offers tens of thousands of mainstream movies and TV-shows to an audience of millions of people.

In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the media company branded FMovies as a classic pirate site, offering unauthorized streams of content they own.

“Defendant’s website is a classic example of a pirate operation, having no regard whatsoever for the rights of ABS-CBN and willfully infringing ABS-CBN’s intellectual property,” the company’s lawyers wrote.

Despite the strong allegations, several months have passed without any response from FMovies in court. As a result, the copyright holder decided to move ahead and file for a default judgment.

In its motion, the company repeats many of the allegations, accusing FMovies of trademark infringement, unfair competition, plus direct and contributory trademark infringement.

“Defendants provide links on their website to instant streams which perform ABS-CBN’s Copyrighted Works. CBN’s copyrighted movies, Defendants’ website then streams and performs the full-length version of the video,” they explain to the court (pdf).

According to the Philippine media conglomerate, FMovies’ operators used its trademarks and copyrighted works to draw in more visitors, generating profit through a boost in advertising impressions.