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‘SNL’ Patsy Jeff Sessions Out As Attorney General; Mueller Investigation Next?


In what is clearly a case of leaving before he was publicly pushed, Donald Trump’s favorite cabinet member piñata Jeff Sessions has resigned as Attorney General.

Never expected to last long after yesterday’s midterm elections, the former Alabama Senator and long time Saturday Night Live foil submitted his resignation under pressure and the President accepted the exit he has long desired. The letter to Trump clearly states, “at your request,” as why Sessions was heading for the door today.

After a trainwreck of a press conference today where changes in the cabinet were said to be coming later and the reinvigoration of Robert Mueller’s investigation, Trump made the announcement via social media:

Openly enraged by Sessions’ early recusal of himself from the probe of Trump’s 2016 campaign and possible collusion with the Russian government, the former Celebrity Apprentice host then posted perhaps his most insincere tweet ever, and that’s saying something:

SNL’s Kate McKinnon mined Sessions’ sycophantic dedication to Trump for comedic gold, donning a white wig and a deep southern drawl. In her first appearance as the attorney general, she played sidekick to Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer.

“Hello! Look at me, I still got a job,” McKinnon’s wily Sessions said. “Mr. McCabe was in clear violation, because of his lack of candor — I don’t know, I can’t even dance around — Trump made me do it! McCabe, he saw too much.”

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