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‘The Grinch’ Who Stole Business: Dr. Seuss Pic Opening To $66M As ‘Overlord’ & ‘Spider’s Web’ Wither – Sunday Update


Says Social Media monitor Relish Mix in their latest report, “This holiday favorite has legions of loyal fans, whether it’s the original book, the 1960s TV special, or the more recent Ron Howard directed re-imagining starring Jim Carrey – each of these iterations is discussed in turn on social, and then compared to materials from this 2018 version. And, for the most part, fans are in to see The Grinch with their kids, family and friends this weekend. They like Benedict Cumberbatch as the green guy – and the music from the trailers, too.”

Updated chart for Sunday AM in the works…


Below are the industry estimates as of Saturday AM:

thumb rank film dis. screens (chg) fri 3-day (-%) total wk
1 The Grinch Uni/Ill 4,141 $18.8M $67.2M $67.2M 1
2 Bohemian Rhapsody Fox/NR/GK 4,000 $8.5M (-55%) $28.7M(-44%) $97.8M 2
3 Nutcracker Dis 3,766 $2.4M (-59%) $9.8M(-51%) $35.4M 2
4 Overlord Par 2,859 $3.8M $9.6M $9.6M 1
5 …Spider’s Web Sony/MGM/NR 2,929 $2.9M $8.2M $8.2M 1
6 A Star Is Born WB 2,848 (-583) $2.3M (-28%) $7.7M(-30%) $177.7M 6
7 Nobody’s Fool Par 2,468 $1.8M (-61%) $6M (-56%) $23.7M 2
8 Venom Sony 2,351 (-716) $1.26M (-39%) $4.7M(-40%) $206M 6
9 halloween Uni/Mmax/Blum 2,717 (-1,058) $1.2M (-64%) $3.7M(-66%) $156.7M 4
10 The Hate U Give Fox 1,108 (-399) $555K (-40%) $2.1M
$26.7M 6

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