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Dems demand documents on Jeff Sessions’ ouster


Top Democrats announced an investigation Thursday into Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ouster, and sent preservation letters to the White House ordering all documents to be kept as potential evidence.

The lawmakers, some of whom will become committee chairmen with subpoena powers in the new Congress next year, also sent letters to the FBI, CIA, director of national intelligence, National Security Agency, IRS, Treasury Department, and two Justice Department officials.

Mr. Sessions resigned Wednesday at the request of President Trump after more than a year of acrimony.

Democrats have said they suspect the move was an attempt to undermine the ongoing special counsel’s investigation into the 2016 election, Russian meddling and Trump campaign figures.

The high-ranking Democrats who wrote the letters said they are intent on piecing together the events surrounding the “firing” of Mr. Sessions and other activities of this administration.

“Committees of the United States Congress are conducting investigations parallel to those of the special counsel’s office, and preservation of records is critical to ensure that we are able to do our work without interference or delay,” they wrote.

They added: “Committees will also be investigating Attorney General Sessions’ departure. We therefore ask that you immediately provide us with all orders, notices, and guidance regarding preservation of information related to these matters and investigations.”

The letters were signed by the top Democrats on the House Judiciary, Oversight and intelligence committees, as well as the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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