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When is pot in Michigan legal? What to know about passage of Proposal 1


Michigan voters on Tuesday approved Proposal 1 to legalize recreational marijuana, but residents will have to wait nearly a month to legally light up and much longer for retail sales.

The initiative will become law 10 days after election results are certified, which must happen by at least Nov. 26, according to Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams.

That means adults over the age of 21 will be able to legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana by Dec. 6, perhaps soon if election results are certified prior to the deadline.

Smoking marijuana in public will not be legal under the new law, nor will driving under the influence of marijuana.

It will likely take more than a year for recreational pot shops to begin retail sales. Under the law, the state must begin accepting applications within 12 months. If that doesn’t happen, businesses could apply directly to a municipality.

However, local governments will have the option to prohibit all marijuana businesses or limit the number that can operate within their jurisdiction.

Medical pot dispensaries will remain off limits to residents without a medical marijuana card, but the new law will allow residents to home grow up to 12 marijuana plants each for personal use.


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